2005 Australian Businesswomen Network’s Member Awards

On Wednesday night in Sydney, the winners of the 2005 ABN Member Awards were announced. “What a great night and an opportunity to reflect on how powerful the ABN members are. Congratulations to all the winners, your business achievements are extraordinary but more importantly you are taking the message out to other women that being in business is as rewarding as it is challenging.” – Suzy Yates, Advisory Board Member and Awards Coordinator. Congratulations to these members for their vision and their achievements: Best Achievement Award for an Established Business Elena Gosse, AIS Enterprises, Qld AIS Enterprises is an Australian-owned manufacturing company of salt-water chlorination equipment for swimming pools. Main brand is ‘Autochlor’ – a gentle chlorination alternative enjoyed by tens of thousands of satisfied pool-owners in Australia and around the world. Best Achievement Award for an Established Business Finalist Cathy Quinn, Mortgages for Women Mortgages for Women is an entirely fee mobile lending service designed to meet the specific financial needs of women and their families. In addition to finding financial solutions for your unique situation, the Mortgages for Women team conduct regular seminars and workshops on finance, budgeting and property investing. Visit www.mortgagesforwomen.com.au Outstanding Business Growth over a 12-Month Period Natasha Chadwick, IBIS IBIS manages a number of aged-care services around the country. In this growing market, this multi-million dollar company is expanding rapidly and has a huge potential. Best Achievement Award for a New Business Lara Fletcher, LaRoo, NSW Lara Fletcher designs, sells and markets Mocks, which are socks for mobile phones. Female teenagers are her target market, and she is exporting to the UK. Most Supportive Member Virginia Jackson, Harlock Jackson, VIC Virginia was nominated by a member of her Goals Group for being a dynamic member and for her dedicated attitude towards her own goals and those of the other members in the group. Member Nicola Barnard said about Virginia “I feel truly blessed that I am part of the goals group with her and am privileged to have her barracking for me in my life.” Thanks to all those members that entered the awards or nominated other members for awards. We look forward to hearing about more ABN member achievements. Sincerely, Suzi Dafnis National General Manager.

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