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Chlorination by electrolysis is the simpler, safer and smarter method of water disinfection. Water passes through an electrolytic cell converting minerals and salts to liquid chlorine which is then distributed directly into the pool water keeping it clear and bacteria free.

There is no need to transport, store or handle dangerous chemicals, and pool water does not need to be constantly dumped in an effort to stabilise water chemistry. The result is clean, clear pool water and millions of litres of pool water saved.

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The Process of Electrolysis

Chlorine is a superhero

Chlorine is the only globally recognised disinfectant for swimming pool water. It removes potentially lethal pathogenic organisms and ensures that pool water is safe to swim in, even in so called ‘fresh’ or mineral water pools.

AIS Water’s chlorinators provide a simple, safe and smart way of disinfecting pool water by effectively creating a small chlorine factory in commercial and residential swimming pools thereby negating the need to purchase, deliver, store or handle liquid, granular or gaseous chlorine.


Evidence that inline chlorination is vastly superior

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The power to save millions of litres of water per annum

Helen Stratton

Helen Stratton Associate Professor, Microbiologist, Griffith University, Brisbane

We found AIS Water’s saltwater chlorination technology was a far superior method to keep water chemistry stable with all monitored parameters in 6 pools over a 6 month period.

Griffith University

The power to save millions of litres of water per annum

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