AIS Water wins GOLD in Sustainable Product Category SPASA Awards

AIS Water has scooped the pool at this year’s QLD Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) Awards after being named the Gold Winner in the ‘Sustainable Product’ category for its range of water-saving EcoLine and AutoChlor pool chlorinators.  The award follows on from the accolade of being named the QLD winner of the best ‘Marketing Campaign’ category award.

AIS Water won the Sustainable Product Award for its range of chlorine generators including AutoChlor (for salt and seawater pools) and EcoLine (for freshwater/ultra-low salinity pools), both used in residential and commercial swimming pools.

The 2020 SPASA Sustainable Product Award was open to products already available on the market which promote sustainability for water and/or energy use, operational efficiency of cost effectiveness – and has quantifiable data to prove it.

Research undertaken by Griffith University, revealed AIS’ technology can save 1.6 million litres of water annually in just one 50-metre pool, when compared with conventional liquid or granular chlorine dosing in swimming pools. This equates to AUD$40,000 in water rates savings for that one pool every year.

“AIS Water’s technology demonstrated vastly superior performance with stable water chemistry, thus significantly diminishing the need to add harsh chemicals, reducing associated health and safety risks, and most importantly, eliminating the need to ‘dump’ water,” the research concluded.

“It was found that AIS Water’s technology, is the most economical and environmentally favourable system for swimming pool water disinfection.”AIS CEO Elena Gosse said AIS Water’s systems also demonstrated outstanding operational efficiency, potentially significantly reducing capital expenditure over time.

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