Malaysia National Aquatic Centre

Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

AIS Technology

EcoLine® FSRCN - 650, FSRCN - 800 & FSRCN - 1300


June 2017

Water type

Fresh Water

Pool volumes

8000m3 (3 Pools)


FINA Standard Aquatic Facility

Originally opened in 1998 for the Commonwealth Games, the National Aquatic Centre (NAC) in Bukit Jalil is a world class venue for sporting excellence. In 2017, it hosted the 29th South East Asian (SEA) Games which featured over 40 international competitive events including swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronised swimming.

The 28,000m2 (301,389.49 ft2) facility is constructed in accordance with the rigorous standards and regulations of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and features a long course 50m (54.7 yards) Olympic sized pool, a 25m (27.3 yards) diving pool and a 20m (21.9 yards) training pool. NAC’s water disinfection requirements were specified by leading Australian architect, Will Marcus of ARGO Architects + Masterplanners.

Thanks to AIS Water’s technology, inline chlorination is now possible even in FINA standard competition swimming pools. A longtime supporter of inline chlorination, ARGO had no hesitation to specify AIS technology to disinfect water in all three pools. Capable of generating chlorine in pool water with very low TDS levels (1200ppm+), ground-breaking EcoLine® technology is now producing all the residual chlorine the Centre requires without the costs, risks and hassle associated with previously used conventional chlorine dosing.

EcoLine® is providing the pool water’s first line of defence against bacteria, algae and waterborne pathogens and helping to create a water quality that feels, smells and tastes more like freshwater. NAC has embraced all the convenience and safety benefits of the world’s first freshwater chlorine generator.

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