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Inline chlorine generation via electrolysis is revolutionary. It lets you bid farewell to conventional chlorine dosing forever (along with the associated costs, hassles and health and safety risks).

AIS’ award-winning technology is a simpler, safer and smarter way to disinfect pool water, even at low TDS levels.


  • Stops dependence on chlorine deliveries
  • Eliminates the need to monitor and manage chlorine stocks
  • Eliminates shelf life concerns of storing liquid chlorine
  • Minimises operator attendance


  • Minimises the health and safety risks associated with conventional chlorine dosing (including the handling and storing of liquid, granular or gaseous chlorine)
  • Produces chlorine onsite and inline, minimising exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Eliminates the risk of chlorine leaks, spills and off-gassing
  • Removes chlorine trucks from public roads, highways and densely populated areas


  • Provides a continuous source of onsite, inline chlorine production
  • Produces chlorine on-demand, and in required quantities
  • Eliminates the need for chlorine storage
  • Keeps TDS and water hardness levels stable, reducing the need for water dumping or replenishment
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