A love affair with water chemistry and chlorination via electrolysis

Water disinfection and water chemistry may be a science but for Elena Gosse, CEO of Brisbane’s AIS Water it is also somewhat of a love affair. Elena is on a one-woman crusade to share her company’s passion for enhancing life by preserving the health and wellbeing of our planet, its resources and its people through safer and more socially responsible water disinfection for swimming pools.

Specifically, AIS Water has produced a video to help explain its technology and the process of chlorination via electrolysis, where water passes through an electrolytic cell converting minerals and salts to liquid chlorine which is then distributed directly into the pool water keeping it clear and bacteria free. 

Elena explains that electrolysis is a simpler, safer and smarter method of disinfection as there is no need to transport, store or handle dangerous chemicals, and pool water does not need to be constantly dumped in an effort to stabilise water chemistry which results in millions of litres of pool water wasted each year.

“For some people, when they think of chlorine they think of that terrible ‘smell’ along with sore eyes and skin irritation, Elena said.
“But that is not chlorine, rather chloramines which are caused by swimmer introduced nasties such as urine, body oils or sweat mixing with chlorine. In fact, chloramines are often the sign of a poorly disinfected pool. A properly disinfected pool should have almost no smell or strong water taste and the water should feel smooth on the skin.

“Chlorine is actually a superhero as it is the only universally recognized disinfectant that removes potentially lethal pathogenic organisms and ensures that pool water is safe to swim in, even in so called ‘fresh’ or mineral water pools.

“I want people to fall in love with chlorine and our new video helps to explains why, along with the magic and benefits of electrolysis.”

Elena stated that the video has proven to be so popular that it will be used by industry bodies such as the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) as an educational tool.

“This is all part of our quest to help inform and address the social issue of water wastage in swimming pools and fulfil our company’s vision of saving and enhancing life through greater access to water, Elena said.

“Our award-winning technology is already operating in over 55 countries worldwide and we are confident that after viewing our video many more will fall in love with the benefits of chlorination via electrolysis.”


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