AIS & Alto Pacific – an A-grade water disinfection relationship for school pools

For Queensland based commercial swimming pool heating, filtration and maintenance company, Alto Pacific, building quality business relationships is one of the most valuable lessons learned from over 20 years’ industry experience.

The company enjoys regular work with State and Local Government Organisations and has chosen Australian Innovative Systems’ (AIS) AutoChlor salt water chlorine generators for 20 of its Queensland school pool contracts over the past 18 months.

For Alto Pacific’s Operations Manager, Geoffrey Balcomb the decision to use AIS’ systems is based on a combination of quality products, service and the mutual respect that exists between the two companies.

We are very loyal to our customers and suppliers and value the excellent working relationship we’ve established with the AIS team, Geoffrey said.

We know AIS’ products are reliable, cost-efficient and able to be retro-fitted to existing pools where necessary. Their systems use very little space in the plant room and AIS’ technology complies with engineering specifications and the recent move away from liquid and granular chlorine water disinfection.”

Alto Pacific also values AIS’ proximity.  “We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to our clients, so having a local manufacturer based in Brisbane gives us easy and fast access to materials, spare parts and advice,” Geoffrey said.

AIS CEO Elena Gosse said that AIS was proud to be working with Alto Pacific and having its technology protecting young swimmers.

Safety is not negotiable. As well as having clean and clear pool water, one of the major advantages of inline water disinfection is that the risks associated with transportation, handling and storage of liquid and granular chlorine are eliminated. Via the process of electrolysis, chlorine is generated from salts present in the pool water, Elena said.

“We know that our technology provides a great return on investment with most commercial systems paying for themselves within two-three years and then facilities enjoying ‘free’ in-line chlorine production. 

“There can be significant operational and maintenance cost savings too when compared to other disinfection systems.”

For AIS stockists contact AIS on 1300 965 222 (Australia wide) or +61 7 3396 5222;

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