AIS CEO, Elena Gosse in high demand as guest speaker

Elena Gosse at APCSAIS CEO, Elena Gosse in high demand as guest speaker.

For a Russian immigrant who arrived in Australia over 20 years ago without speaking a word of English, Elena Gosse, CEO of Australian Innovative Systems has certainly made up for lost time and is now in high demand as a public speaker. The multi-award winning business woman who presides over a water disinfection and chlorine generator manufacturing company, has a busy public speaking schedule over the next three months.

Following Elena’s recent presentations at the Aquafutures International Conference (August 2015), Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayor’s Forum and Liberal National Party Women’s State Conference (both in July 2015) Elena will be addressing audience members and delegates at a range of future events including:

16.10.15               Access Community Services Limited (Access) Gala Fundraising Dinner, Brisbane. Elena will be acting as emcee in her capacity as a board member of Access.

28.10.15               Guest speaker at Lord Mayor’s Business Forum, Brisbane. Elena will be encouraging others to ‘Think Big in Small Business’ as part of the Lord Mayor’s regular small business workshops.

3.12.15                  Annual Women in Leadership Summit, Brisbane. Elena will be sharing her secrets to success including her journey from a former entertainment career in Russia to the leading role at AIS, in her session entitled, ‘From Drama to Diversity.’

Despite her hectic business schedule Elena enjoys public speaking and believes that she has a responsibility to share her story with others.

“I have been fortunate with the opportunities that Australia and my business have provided and believe, as a successful businesswoman, that it is my role to pay it forward and help mentor and empower others,” Elena said.

“I speak on a range of topics including my personal journey but really love educating people about AIS’ core business of water disinfection technology.

“People probably think, ‘well that sounds boring’, but on the contrary, the science of water disinfection is fascinating.  Our technology helps to minimise the risk of waterborne bacteria and infectious disease and stops the dangerous practice of chemical storage and handling in our communities, whether that is in a home swimming pool environment or a large water park.

“My favourite part of any event is straight after a presentation, when invariably someone comes up from the audience and says ‘Thank you so much, I learned something today.’  I consider it a great privilege to be able to share knowledge with others.”

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