AIS CEO, Elena Gosse in the water disinfection industry spotlight

Elena_Gosse_AIS_speaking_at_SplashElena Gosse, CEO of Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) has made further progress in her quest to encourage industry and government to think differently about water disinfection and to further embrace Australian owned and manufactured technology.

The successful businesswoman was a guest speaker and company exhibitor at the recent (July 2014) national Splash! Conference and Trade Expo (Gold Coast, QLD). AIS was also the major sponsor of the World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC) which was held concurrently with Splash!

Speaking to capacity audiences Ms Gosse implored Splash! and WAHC attendees to “Forgo the ancient practice of super-dosing water with dangerous levels of chemicals” and “halt the endless cycle of chemical delivery, storage and usage.” Ms Gosse highlighted the occupational health and safety and environmental dangers associated with chlorine storage and handling as well as the importance of supporting innovative Australian companies which contributed to economic growth.

Ms Gosse shared with guests how AIS’ innovative, award-winning technology disinfects water of almost any TDS level using the minerals and salts already present in the water via the process of electrolysis. AIS’ chlorinators produce chlorine automatically onsite and inline, or onsite and offline, thereby eliminating the dependence on commercial chlorine suppliers and negating the need for chlorine delivery, storage and handling.

1407373093_4As part of Ms Gosse’s presentation she highlighted national and international case studies where AIS’ systems have been successfully installed including three pools at Queensland’s Gold Coast Aquatic Centre – the venue which will host the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games; various municipal lagoons and aquatic centres including Cairns Esplanade Lagoon (QLD), Warringah Aquatic Centre (NSW); school pools; and major international projects including Waterbom Bali water park (Indonesia) and a mammoth lagoon at Azure Urban Resort Residences (The Philippines).

Ms Gosse encouraged industry to put further emphasis on specifying Australian manufactured goods as part of project tenders and suggested government could provide additional support for Australian manufacturing and technology.

“Companies such as AIS have over 20 years’ experience in water disinfection and we exclusively design and manufacture chlorine generators for commercial and residential applications. Our technology is employed in many Australian projects and we export our technology to over 55 countries worldwide.

“It’s time for the Australian water disinfection industry and government to work more closely together and embrace innovative technology on a larger scale if we are to preserve our economic, social and environmental future,” Ms Gosse said.



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