AIS launched two new products in May 2015

Queensland, Australia:  There are those who follow and those who lead. In the case of Australian Innovative Systems (AIS), a designer and manufacturer of residential and commercial chlorinators, it’s definitely a case of leading the way when it comes to innovative water disinfection technology for water of almost any TDS level.

The multi-award winning Australian based company further cements its reputation for continuous innovation with the worldwide launch of two new products, the AutoChlor Midi Series and Chrome™ chlorinators at thePiscine SPLASH! Asia Trade Show in Singapore (20-21 May 2015).  Both will join AIS’ already extensive range of advanced chlorine generators for use in salt, fresh or mineral water.

According to AIS Chief Executive Officer Elena Gosse, the driving force behind the creation of the new products was AIS’ recognition of substantial gaps in the marketplace for chlorinators for the semi-commercial facility andfirst home buyer/investor markets. AIS’ response was to design and create new products to satisfy the very specific needs of these two user groups.

The new Midi™ Series is a range of automatic, inline, salt or mineral water chlorinators suited to semi-commercial use pools where large variations in bather-load are experienced such as private swim schools, residential community pools, retirement and aged care facilities, gymnasiums, sports centres and boutique hotels. Employing the same, award-winning AIS technology already operating in large scale theme parks, resorts and hotels worldwide, the Midi™ is designed for locations where a commercial scale system would be too large and a residential scale system would be inadequate.

The new Chrome ™ is an inline, salt water chlorine generator for residential pools. Chrome™ is designed for the customer who demands the latest in technology, superior performance and contemporary good looks and at an affordable price. It is perfect for first home buyers or investors. A key feature of Chrome™ is that it takes the guess work out of keeping pool water clean. An easy to read control panel automatically tells when salt levels are lower or higher than desired and chlorine output can then be increased or decreased with the simple turn of a dial.

AIS’ chlorinators conveniently produce chlorine onsite and inline (as water flows through the system) via the process of electrolysis, meaning users can achieve clean and clear water without the need for traditional chemical storage and dosing.  Health and safety risks associated with chemical use are minimised.

AIS is certainly no stranger to innovation.  In 1995 it developed the world’s first commercial salt water chlorinator (the ‘AutoChlor’). In 2000 it introduced switch mode power supply to residential chlorinators and in 2002 to commercial chlorinators. In 2008 AIS developed the first commercial fresh water chlorinator (the ‘EcoLine’). It remains the only water disinfection company in Australia to manufacture its own self-cleaning anodes and has exported its technology to over 55 countries.

Elena Gosse explains what motivates AIS to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

“We are committed to a continuous cycle of innovation, Ms Gosse said.

“The word innovation is literally embedded into our company name. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of conventional industry thinking and practises when it comes to commercial and residential water disinfection.

“We have over 20 years of industry experience to draw from when it comes to creating new products and technologies. The fact that we conduct all of our research, development and manufacturing from our Brisbane based facilities means that our team is able to identify market needs quickly and respond to them equally as fast.

“Whether a home pool or a commercial facility, customers are increasingly concerned about the health, safety and wellbeing of swimmers and staff. They no longer want the risks associated with storing and handling dangerous chemicals and are looking for simple, effective, automatic disinfection solutions.

“We have seen a high demand worldwide for quality, Australian made chlorinators that are backed by full after sales support and warranty programs. That’s exactly what AIS offers and why we’ll keep innovating for years to come,” Elena said.

Date: 2015-05-01

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