Australian Innovative Systems espouses “simpler, safer, smarter” when it comes to water disinfection technology

Australian owned and operated company Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) is well known for its excellence in the design, production and supply of inline chlorine generation technology via electrolysis.  As the company name suggests, AIS has won numerous national and international awards for innovation and is considered a leader in its field.

But when it comes to water disinfection technology the company refutes current trends toward new-fangled, overcomplicated design and rather encourages simpler, safer and smarter technology. AIS CEO Elena Gosse explains.

“AIS’ commercial water disinfection systems are operating in some of the world’s most advanced aquatic facilities and can be integrated into existing remote or onsite technology if required.

“When it comes to technology and design however we are passionate about manufacturing chlorine generators that do what they say they will – that work, last and are safe and easy to operate.

“This is especially the case in the residential chlorine generator market. The market is overloaded with products that boast features that the home pool user will probably never use, or even worse, are too complicated to operate.

“A chlorine generator should not require an engineering degree or the services of a pool technician to operate.”

Elena states that the reason her company has been so successful over the past 26 years is proof of the value of the company’s ethos.

“We don’t believe in building in extra features just to boost profits, we don’t believe in adding lots of flashing lights for the sake of it, or the need to turn your home pool chlorinator on from Switzerland.

“Our water disinfection technology is simple to use.  It’s safe for operators and swimmers. And it keeps your pool water clean and clear.  And that’s what makes it so smart.”

On August 1-2, 2018 AIS will exhibit its technology at the largest pool and spa trade show in the southern hemisphere, the SPLASH! Conference and Trade Show.

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