AIS Water recognized as industry leader with grant to boost growth opportunities

The work being done by Queensland-based AIS Water, to help keep swimmers safe with clean pool water was boosted last week when it was named a recipient of a $50,000 Queensland State Government Business Growth Fund grant designed to help stimulate jobs within the state economy.

AIS Water Co-owner and CEO, Elena Gosse, said she was delighted to host Queensland’s Minister for Employment and Small Business, Shannon Fentiman, and the State Member for Lytton, Joan Pease, at the company site for a tour of their facilities on September 11.

Joining them were Luke Daly and David Stennett representing the national Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) who share Ms Gosse’s passion for the sector.

Ms Fentiman said AIS Water, which employs 45 people, had a proven history of producing award winning water disinfection technology for residential and commercial pools and had continued to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They are one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing chlorinators,” Ms Fentiman said. “They do an amazing job of keeping our swimmers safe.

“I know that they are working with the Queensland Government and the Department of Education for many of our schools.

“We have a local recovery plan which is all about backing businesses like AIS Water; it’s about uniting and recovering for Queensland jobs and I’m so proud that we’re backing our small businesses to keep growing and employing more locals.”

Ms Pease said the grant would help AIS Water continue to “provide lots of employment opportunities for many of my local residents”.

Ms Gosse said while many businesses had struggled to survive, let alone thrive, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for fresh, safe swimming water had helped AIS Water to grow during a time when many others have struggled.

“Our focus has always been designing and manufacturing water disinfection technology that helps keep our swimmers safe in public and home swimming pools,” she said. “While we were not prepared for a pandemic – no-one was – our 25 year history of excellent service and production and having no debt, placed us in a very strong position.

“What we do is essential to ensuring safe, clean swimming water is available in swimming pools across the world whether it is a pool in someone’s backyard or commercial pools. 

“Our technology is being noticed across the world and we have now grown to world leaders in pool chlorination systems.

“The $50,000 Business Growth Grant will help us to continue to do this work and will allow us to continue to be a leader in our field which employs locals and stimulates our economy.”

Ms Gosse said she and the SPASA representatives also spoke at length with Ms Fentiman and Ms Pease about the renewed appetite from around the world for swimming water which is safe and clean and how small businesses could play a vital role in providing this.

“With public health being a focus, we also discussed the urgent need for a compulsory commercial swimming pool operators’ certification and courses that SPASA is offering,” she added.

“In Australia we could be a little complacent about the need for clean swimming water because we are surrounded by so many sources of water from beaches to lakes, rivers and community pools to have a dip during the warmer months.

“It is essential that we learn the lessons of COVID-19 about infection control and utilise and develop the resources we have to implement this at swimming pools around the country.

“The grant funds will help us to do exactly that and provides exciting new opportunities for us to grow and provide additional employment opportunities.”

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