AIS wins ‘Best Innovation Culture’ title and spot in top 50 of BRW’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List

AIS at BRW Most Innovative Companies 2015You might suspect that a company called Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) would be a leader in innovation but now the Australian owned and operated manufacturer of commercial and residential chlorine generators and water disinfection technology has the title to prove it.

Announced last night (17.8.15) at BRW’s 50 Most Innovative Companies Awards Ceremony at The Ivy Ballroom in Sydney, AIS scored the prestigious title of ‘Best Innovation Culture’ and the number 23 position on the Top 50 list for AIS’ EcoLine Home technology for freshwater residential swimming pools. Over 500 entries were received nationwide by the award organisers.

Commenting on the win, AIS CEO Elena Gosse said that the Best Innovation Culture award was a great honour for her company and proof that in order to truly encourage and support innovative thinking that a culture of innovation must first be embedded and valued across every level of a company.

“We often say that innovation is part of our corporate DNA at AIS. These accolades are a tribute to the expertise and creativity that each member of our staff contributes to the whole, as well as the company’s proud, 20-plus year history of innovation which includes world firsts such as our EcoLine freshwater technology.”

The EcoLine chlorine generator automatically disinfects pool water via a process known as electrolysis and produces chlorine using only the natural salts and minerals already present in pool water. One of EcoLine’s key points of difference is that it can operate in very low salinity water (Total Dissolved Levels from 1,200 parts per million (ppm) rather than the standard 5,000ppm required by salt water chlorinators). The benefit to pool owners is a hygienic method of water disinfection and a more natural, freshwater* experience that feels more like swimming in a freshwater stream or lake than a residential pool. As is the case with all of AIS’ inline water disinfection technology, EcoLine means that pool owners can also bid farewell to the dangerous practice of liquid/granular chlorine storage, handling and dosing forever.

AIS Elena Gosse at BRW Most Innovative Companies 2015.

Elena Gosse - Australian Innovative Systems
Elena Gosse – Australian Innovative Systems

AIS CEO Elena Gosse explains, “The EcoLine Home chlorine generator creates a safe, convenient and hygienic freshwater pool with ‘softer’ feeling, less chemically-treated water without the taste of chlorine or salt.

“Freshwater pools are kinder to skin, hair, eyes and swimming costumes. There is also significantly less environmental corrosion to pool equipment and surrounds when compared with a salt water pool.”

Elena said that although EcoLine’s award-winning technology was first pioneered by AIS in 2009 for commercial scale facilities, AIS was determined to offer the same freshwater disinfection benefits to the residential pool market.
“After five years of research and development we can now offer home pool owners the same quality, innovative technology that is operating in some of the world’s leading resorts, hotels, aquatic centres and water theme parks, Elena said.

“Historically pool owners have had the choice of a salt or chlorine pool. Freshwater options have been limited and created by a guessing game of constant water testing, balancing and the dangerous storage and handling of chemicals or alternatively by technologies such as Ionizers, UV or Ozone systems which are very expensive options and still require chlorine disinfectant as a residual.”

“We are very proud of AIS’ history of innovation and our title of Most Innovative Culture and place on BRW’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list.

“This recognition will inspire our team to continue to innovate even further and cement our already well established reputation as industry leaders.”


50 Most Innovative Companies 2015

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