ALFA Welcomes New Member: AIS

ALFA_Logo-CMYK-206x300-205x300-smALFA is proud to welcome new National Commercial Supplier member, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS). AIS is a multi-award winning, Australian owned leader in the design, production and supply of water hygiene technologies.

All research, development and manufacturing takes place at our own production facilities in Brisbane, Australia. Extensively experienced in serving international customers, AIS has proudly exported to over 55 countries around the world.

Our mission is to create safe, economical and versatile products to protect humans and habitats against waterborne pathogens and the transmission of infectious disease.

All of our brands – AutoChlor™, EcoLine™, MineralChlor™ and ChloroGen™ – are equipped with electrochemical cells featuring Genuine AIS Anodes™. These innovative technologies are designed to disinfect everything from the most saline of sea water to groundwater, town water or even waste water.

Simple, affordable and reliable, AIS delivers outstanding results in water hygiene and halts the endless cycle of dosing and maintaining fresh supplies of liquid or granular chlorine[i]. AIS is also helping to lower the amount of hazardous chemicals transported each day on public roads and highways and can assist with Occupational Health and Safety requirements in some locations.

As industrial expansion and population growth continue unabated, AIS’s vision is that the Earth’s fixed supply of water remains clean and healthy forever despite ever greater contact with people and human activity.

Thousands of families swim, play and relax in backyard pools protected by AIS’s residential systems every single day. Millions of litres of water in community pools, aquatic centres for competitive swimming and training, luxurious hotel and spa pools, water features, resort lagoons and gigantic water parks remain healthy and sparkling clean thanks to AIS leisure industry technology. Our commercial systems are also ideal for aquaculture, horticulture, agriculture, utility water, industrial waste, chemical production, mining, cooling towers and offshore marine facilities.

AIS’s technicians and skilled workers bring together a diverse range of expertise in micro-electronics, chemistry, power systems, electrical and mechanical engineering, water system design, assembly, metalworking and plumbing as well as taking pride in high standards of customer service and support.

AIS has received a wide range of accolades including a Gold Gaia Award, Telstra Business Innovation Award, International Stevie Award for Most Innovative Company, Australian Technology Showcase and Business Ideas Grants.

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