Collaboration creates new sewage treatment technology

1398911083_1Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) was recently approached by Taylex to help create a simpler, safer and more affordable alternative for sewage treatment. The companies’ custom-made sewage treatment system uses submerged electrolytic chlorinators instead of chemical dosing to treat black- and greywater.

Historically, companies used a cocktail of chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, chlorine tablets or sodium hypochlorite combined with ozone-based technology to treat sewage, resulting in a cycle of regular chemical ordering, delivery and storage. Electrolysis was not considered a viable technology for treating low-salinity blackwater due to desired total dissolved solids (TDS) levels of over 5000 ppm in order for the technology to be employed.

AIS’s technology has addressed both challenges, with the company designing a system to treat sewage using submerged electrolytic chlorinators which produce chlorine on site. In collaboration with Taylex, AIS modified its existing AutoChlor system (which operates at TDS levels as low as 2500 ppm) for a Taylex treatment plant. The AutoChlor system is now processing 2000-5000 L of sewage daily without the need for chemical dosing.

“At first we didn’t know if chlorine generation using electrolysis was possible in low-salinity wastewater or if it was going to be commercially viable,” said Taylex Director Alistair Le Plastrier.

“AIS has been an extremely responsive and attentive partner in helping us to work through these issues and adapting their chlorination technology to meet our needs.

“Producing chlorine via the electrolytic cells and within the treatment water itself is proving simple, easy and economical. Ultimately we think this will be far better for installers, operators and maintenance staff.”

Effluent leaving the primary chambers is broken down by anaerobic and then aerobic bacteria. The water is then separated from biomass before going through a two-step disinfection regime. In the first step, UV is applied to water that is super-chlorinated by a submerged, purpose-built AIS chlorine generator. Water is then disinfected a second time in an adjacent chamber via a second AIS chlorine generator. AIS’s own Genuine AIS Anodes feature in the technology.

“We pride ourselves on our reputation for continuous innovation and creative thinking,” said AIS CEO Elena Gosse.

“The fact that we design and manufacture our own power systems and are the only Australian water disinfection company to manufacture our own high-quality anodes also offers our clients tremendous flexibility in the case of custom designing systems.”

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