Could dancing make you a better leader?

Could dancing make you a better leader? AIS CEO Elena Gosse thinks so. After recently taking up ballroom dancing, Elena believes that dancing lessons have provided her with valuable life lessons too. Read her thoughts here.

  • On leading and following. “As CEO I’m used to making decisions for others but in dancing I have to follow whilst my partner leads. It’s good to reverse those roles from time to time and relinquish a bit of control. Sometimes being a good leader is about taking a step back occasionally.”
  • On trust. “There’s an incredible amount of trust in dancing – trusting your dance partner, trusting your body to feel the music and trusting that your mind knows the steps for your feet to follow. Trust is an essential business skill.”
  • On being fully present.  “Good dancing is about aligning your mind, body and spirit.   You can’t be thinking about next financial year’s figures whilst you’re dancing the Rumba!”
  • On there’s no such thing as perfect: “Every dance routine is different and every day there are new opportunities to learn. There’s no such thing as a perfect dancer – or a perfect CEO.”
  • On taking time out: “Although I run a successful company and have an incredibly busy schedule, dancing makes me take some ‘time out’ for me. It fills my heart with joy and makes me a happier person at home and at work.”

Elena Gosse dancing

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