EcoLine Residential To Make US-Market Debut 
At The PSP Expo In Orlando

Until now, home owners typically chose between two popular kinds of residential swimming pool:
 A Salt Water Swimming Pool
 (salinity levels of 3,000 – 5,000 ppm, disinfected by electrolysis) or Fresh Water Swimming Pool*. The new EcoLine™ Residential range is a breakthrough innovation that provides an exciting new option for pool owners.


  • Launched in Australia this year, EcoLine™ Residential is a breakthrough innovation that enables disinfection by electrolysis at TDS levels as low as 1,200 ppm, and salinity from 950 ppm, which AIS defines as a Fresh Water Swimming Pool.
  • The International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo (PSP) is the USA’s largest industry event with over 525 exhibitors and visitors from 80+ countries.
  • The PSP Expo is the perfect venue for AIS to showcase  the EcoLine™ Residential technology.

Pool owners can now enjoy the feel of a Fresh Water Swimming Pool* with the safety and convenience of disinfection by electrolysis
 (salinity from 950 ppm, which is so low that AIS define it as a Fresh Water Swimming Pool).

Protects Premium Properties

A Fresh Water Swimming Pool* disinfected by electrolysis is an ideal solution for premium properties with salt-sensitive features such as luxurious sandstone patios. Lowering the TDS from 5,000 ppm to 1,200 ppm reduces the risk of salt-induced staining, degradation, and corrosion on your poolside flooring, fixtures and fittings, especially anything made from rust-prone materials.

Soft On Skin And Hair

A fresh water swimming pool* experience is also softer on skin and hair thanks to the combination of lower salinity than traditional salt water pools and EcoLine’s pH management system.

Kinder To Natural Waterways

Wastewater released during filter backwashing contains up to 75% less salt than conventional salt water pools. Lowering salinity may be particularly beneficial for off-grid pool owners concerned about releasing salty water onto their property. (Consult your local pool or plumbing professional and consider regulations to determine the most appropriate way to dispose of chlorinated swimming pool waste-water on your property.)

Helps Manage TDS Levels, Water Hardness and Reduce Water Dumping: 
TDS levels can rise beyond ideal levels in water disinfected by dosing sodium hypochlorite, and water hardness can rise beyond ideal levels in water disinfected by dosing calcium hypochlorite. When TDS and water hardness rises beyond ideal levels it may become necessary to dilute it by dumping some water and replacing it. Disinfection by electrolysis helps combat this problem.

No Need To Buy, Store, Handle And Dose Chemical Disinfectants

  • Lowers the health and safety risks of handling toxic chemicals
  • Reduces the risk of chemical leaks and spills
  • Eliminates the need to monitor, restock and manage toxic disinfectant supplies

Learn more about EcoLine™ Residential.

Book a technical briefing on our stand (#207) at the PSP Expo.

*AIS defines a Fresh Water Swimming Pool as a pool containing water with a TDS level of 1,200 ppm (salinity from 950ppm).





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