Elena Gosse to debunk water disinfection myths at Aquafutures International Conference

1Elena Gosse, CEO of Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) will speak about the future of water disinfection and the importance of water hygiene education at the Royal Life Saving Society Queensland’s Aquafutures International Conference. The three day conference (14-16 August) to be held at Sea World, will focus on four key themes including Water Quality Management, Active Learning (Rescue), Facility Management and Social Media.

On Saturday 15 August at 2.15pm, Elena will explore a range of topics during her presentation including: the opportunity for industry to reduce its reliance on traditional chlorine dosing with technology such as inline chlorination by electrolysis; emerging technologies such as UV and Ozone; and educational programs for industry and the general public to improve standards of personal hygiene, reduce contaminants and thereby chloramines in public pools.

Elena GosseAIS has a strong connection to the Gold Coast with the company’s AutoChlor saltwater, and EcoLine freshwater technology installed in three pools at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre – the swimming venue for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Elena said that her participation in Aquafutures was part of AIS’ ongoing commitment to debunk many of the myths associated with water disinfection and water quality, and to improve education about swimmer hygiene.

“Sadly, there’s still a few cowboy operators in the marketplace making fanciful claims about water disinfection, especially in the case of public facilities with high bather loads. In some cases, the level of disinfection may be completely inadequate and putting public safety at risk.

“There’s also the health and safety risks associated with the antiquated practice of transporting, storing and handling vast quantities of liquid chlorine,” Elena said.

“It is vital for the ongoing health, safety and wellbeing of our communities that we stick to the water science and facts regarding water disinfection.

“I believe that there’s a great opportunity for us to work together as an industry, to embrace new methods of water disinfection and embark on public awareness campaigns regarding swimmer hygiene to create safer, healthier and more cost efficient aquatic facilities.”

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