Hon Julie Bishop MP visits Australian Innovative Systems

L-R Ross Vasta_Julie Bishop_Elena Gosse_Kerry GosseThe Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Ross Vasta MP, Federal Member for Bonner, visited chlorinator manufacturing company, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) earlier this week (24 May 2016).

AIS CEO, Elena Gosse discussed a range of topics with the guests including the company’s innovative technology, culture and local and export markets. A tour of AIS’ newly expanded manufacturing facilities followed.

AIS exports its chlorine generators and water disinfection technology to over 55 countries world-wide with its key products; AutoChlor, ChloroGen, EcoLine, MineralChlor and Chrome well respected in the home and commercial pool and leisure industries.

Ms Gosse said that the VIP visitors were very impressed with AIS’s operation as well as the company’s contribution to the local economy and job creation.

“Minister Bishop praised our long term history and commitment to Australian manufacturing and ownership, Ms Gosse said.

“This is particularly important at a time when so many small businesses and manufacturers are taking production off-shore due to the rising costs of labour and production.

“We are certainly bucking the trend after recently investing heavily in a new manufacturing facility with the potential to triple our production capacity and create an additional 40 jobs.”

As well as economic benefit Ms Gosse said she believed AIS was benefiting Australia’s reputation as a place where innovation, ideas generation and quality production thrived.

“We are fortunate to have our own in-house Research and Development Team whose primary focus is on continuous innovation to improve our existing products and create new ones.

“Our staff has expertise in micro-electronics, chemistry, power systems, electrical and mechanical engineering, water system design, assembly, metalworking, plumbing, administration and management. This whole of product lifecycle and dedication to excellence is what makes our business such a success.”

Mr Vasta said that as a family business with two generations now working in the company, AIS was a shining example of a business that celebrated multiculturalism and diversity.  Of the 50 staff that work at AIS, 14 nationalities are represented, along with mature aged people and people with disabilities.

Ms Gosse said that she and her staff were grateful for Ms Bishop and Mr Vasta’s visit and the opportunity to showcase AIS’s business and discuss a range of issues affecting small business in Australia. These included the high cost of labour and production, the low Australian dollar and its impact on the purchase of production materials, and the need for government to provide additional exposure and support for local, innovative businesses and products.

“We are grateful to the current government for advocating for small business including its recent decision to allow small to medium-sized businesses with an annual turnover of up to $10million to qualify for a lower company tax rate.

“This recent visit to our company helps to acknowledge the important role that small businesses like ours play in Australia. It also provides our team with a real sense of pride and accomplishment about what we do.”

L-R AIS Team with Julie Bishop & Ross Vasta_ L-R_Julie Bishop_Elena Gosse_ Ross Vasta_

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