NEW EcoLine for fresh water swimming pools – gentle on people and property

NEW EcoLine for fresh water swimming pools – gentle on people and property.

It’s now possible to enjoy all the benefits of fresh water* swimming at home and be confident that pool water is safe thanks to Australian Innovative Systems’ (AIS) new, premium EcoLine™ chlorine generator for fresh water swimming pools.

After seven years in the making and using the same, multi-award winning technology that is already operating in luxury resorts, water parks and FINA standard competition pools worldwide, AIS now brings the benefits of EcoLine to the home pool owner.

EcoLine creates a swimming environment that is gentler on people and on property, when compared to standard chlorine or salt water pools.

AIS CEO Elena Gosse explains. “We know that the demand for fresh water swimming pools is growing worldwide.

“Many families, particularly those with young children are looking for a balance between minimising their access and exposure to harsh chemicals such as liquid chlorine, and knowing that their pool water is safe and clean. Then there’s those who simply want an alternative to the traditional salt water pool.

“With EcoLine, pool water is less salty and therefore more gentle on swimmers’ skin and hair, surrounding property and pool equipment. It feels like you are swimming in fresh water, yet you can remain confident in the knowledge that you are protected from nasties like waterborne pathogens and bacteria,” Elena said.

EcoLine is compatible with natural stone pool surrounds with maintenance also reduced due to less salt corrosion on metal fences, fittings and other pool equipment.

The secret to EcoLine’s success is AIS’s revolutionary technology that safely and conveniently disinfects water at TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels as low as 1,200ppm, when compared to approximately 5,000+ppm in a traditional salt water pool.

With one of the highest Ingress Protection ratings (IP56) available, EcoLine resists weather, insect infestation, dust and corrosion yet its contemporary design complements even the most sophisticated outdoor or indoor pool décor.

Elena warned that it was a case of “buyer beware” when it came to claims about available fresh water disinfection technology.

“Not all fresh water swimming pool disinfection systems are created equal, in fact we believe that some could be putting swimmers’ health at risk due to inadequate levels of chlorine output.

“Then there’s some kinds of ‘chlorine free pools’ which are not chlorine free at all.

“The fact is that most water disinfection technology requires some form of residual chlorine level to keep water safe and meet health department guidelines.

“A swimming pool is a big investment.  At AIS we think it’s important for people to be properly informed so that they can ask questions and make the right decision about water disinfection for their pool,” Elena said.

AIS expects its new EcoLine to revolutionise the home pool industry, so much so that the company recently expanded its Brisbane based production facilities to meet anticipated demand.

For EcoLine stockists contact AIS on 1300 965 222 (Australia wide) or +61 7 3396 5222.

Please see new EcoLine brochure for more details.

*AIS defines fresh water swimming pools as having TDS Levels of 1,200ppm -2,500ppm

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