New ‘EcoLine Residential’ release going swimmingly

New ‘EcoLine Residential’ release going swimmingly.

The recent release of Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) new EcoLine ™ Residential chlorine generator for fresh water swimming pools has been enthusiastically embraced by the market, with industry feedback indicating the system is a ‘game changer’ for home pool owners.

“Our distributors and industry friends have told us that we have redefined the future of swimming pool chlorination, AIS CEO Elena Gosse said.

“Our innovative technology has taken traditional salt water chlorination to a whole new level with EcoLine’s low salt operation combining the convenience, reliability and protection of a salt water system with the feeling of swimming in fresh water.

“The result is a swimming environment that is gentler on people and on property, when compared to standard chlorine or salt water pools.”

The secret to EcoLine’s success is revolutionary technology that safely and conveniently disinfects water at TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels as low as 1,200ppm, when compared to approximately 5,000+ppm in a traditional salt water pool.

“Home pool and spa owners can now enjoy all the benefits of swimming in fresh, clear water without worrying about water hygiene or the storing or handling of dangerous chemicals, Elena said.

“Another feature is the reduced risk of salt induced staining or corrosion of poolside flooring, fixtures and fittings, especially those made from rust-prone substances or salt-sensitive materials such as sandstone patios.”

EcoLine Residential was developed over five years by AIS. The company has a commercial water disinfection system of the same name (EcoLine) that is already operating in luxury resorts, water parks and FINA standard competition pools worldwide.

For EcoLine Residential stockists contact AIS on 1300 965 222 (Australia wide) or +61 7 3396 5222.

Please see new EcoLine brochure for more details.

*AIS defines fresh water swimming pools as having TDS Levels of 1,200ppm -2,500ppm

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