Poolranger and Waterco to distribute MineralChlor

waterco_poolrangerThe Mineral-Chlor chlorinator manufactured by AIS is now being distributed by both Poolranger and Waterco.

Poolranger managing director Michael Griffin says the deal is a great fit and Poolranger and Waterco will together provide Mineral-Chlor with excellent market coverage.

“Mineral pools are the new trend in the industry,” he says. “There is a high level of demand for an alternative to traditional salt water chlorination. Customers are looking for chlorinators that run on lower total dissolved solids (TDS) and Mineral-Chlor runs on magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, cyanuric acid in fact anything that raises TDS. It also runs on an extremely low TDS of 2500 for a 50,000 litre pool.”

He says the other benefits of Mineral-Chlor include saving approximately 25 per cent in electrical consumption when compared to similar systems, along with decreased wear and tear on pool filters, pumps and the pool surround as a whole due to increases in operational efficiency and decreased use of chlorine and other chemicals.

“There are therapeutic benefits to swimming in a mineral pool as well,” he says.

Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh says he is excited to distribute a ground breaking product such as a Mineral-Chlor.

“We were impressed at its ability to generate chlorine with a TDS of just 2500,” he says.


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