Powerhouse CEO of AIS Water shares the power of finding your voice

Elena Gosse is the Brisbane-based CEO of AIS Water, an award-winning, company with a 28-year history of innovation and excellence in design and manufacturing of pool water disinfection technology. She is renowned for smashing through glass ceilings and stereotypes.

Ms. Gosse is an invited speaker at the biannual International Small Business Summit to be hosted by the Small Business Association of Australia at the Sea World Resort, Gold Coast on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 June. The summit will cover topics including finance, industrial relations, education and training, taxation, manufacturing, international trade, technology for small business and Women in Business.

Elena will speak as part of the ‘Women in Business’ program on Friday 11 June from 1 – 1.45pm.  She will be joined at the summit by an esteemed group of speakers including Karen Phillips of Women in Business Australia, Trena Blair of FD Global Connections, Dominique Lamb CEO of the National Retail Association and Director of NRA Legal, Gretta Svendsen, SMB Lead at Microsoft and others.

At the end of the Summit, a communique will be issued followed by a report with recommendations to government.

AIS Water’s technology and systems operate in 55 countries worldwide, including pools for 90 Queensland schools, at major hotels and resorts, and municipal public pools across Australia and the globe.

Elena uses her public profile as a businesswoman and public speaker to advocate for water conservation in swimming pools as well as encouraging unity and collaboration in the pool and spa industry.

She also advocates against domestic and family violence by fundraising and promoting the free legal services available to women through the work of Women’s Legal Service Queensland.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to share my business and personal story with others and encourage everyone, of any gender, age or background, to find their voice and grow their business with integrity,” she said.

“At AIS Water we are highly committed to sustainability and determined to share our vision to conserve water for the purposes of enhancing life and the future of our planet.

“Professionally, I love sharing with others the value that women can add to an organisation, particularly in leadership roles.

“There is no lack of women who are able, ready and willing to lead. They really do exist, and they exist in great numbers. But the truth is that we need more women in leadership whether in the not-for-profit sector, corporate boards or politics – we need more female leaders.

“I hope that my story of finding my voice and succeeding in a male dominated industry will inspire other women to find theirs and pursue their dreams with passion.  As women we need to lift each other and support each other.”

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