Small is beautiful and safe with an AIS Water Pixie chlorinator

Leading Australian designer and manufacturer of water disinfection technology, AIS Water has introduced a new product ‘The Pixie’ especially for plunge pools, swim spas, jacuzzis, spas, hot tubs and small volume water features.

AIS CEO Elena Gosse said the company was satisfying a demand for a market that had previously not been adequately accommodated.

“There is a significant trend in Australia toward higher density living, making properties smaller and space at a premium, Elena said.

“People still want to enjoy the luxury of a private pool however and this has seen the plunge pool and spa market increase.

“This smaller application requires specifically designed pool chlorination technology and we have responded quickly with the launch of our purpose-built Pixie RP10.

“Unlike dangerous chlorine dosing or other costly chlorine generators designed for much larger water volumes, the Pixie provides real peace of mind because of its cost-efficiency, simplicity, reliability and ease of installation.”

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