Three-times winner of AusMumpreneur Awards believes women must raise our voices

CEO of AIS Water, Elena Gosse, scooped three Queensland and Northern Territory AusMumpreneur Awards in 2020, including for Sustainability, Business Excellence and AusMumpreneur of the Year. Ms. Gosse will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards ceremony on Wednesday 24 November at the Sunshine Coast and will share her insights about female leadership and being a rule-breaker and change maker.

Elena has been recognised with more than 50 national and international awards and is a champion of Queensland based innovation and manufacturing. She is the co-owner of AIS Water, a Brisbane-based water disinfection technology company with a 28-year history of innovation and excellence in design and manufacturing of pool water disinfection technology.

One of her passions is inspiring fellow female business owners and leaders to speak up, share their unique story, and embrace the advantages of female leadership. Another is to advocate for safer and more sustainable solutions for water disinfection in swimming pools.  She is also a staunch advocate against domestic and family violence.

“One of my key drivers is raising awareness in the wider community about the safety risks associated with some water disinfection methods along with the importance of saving water in public, school and residential swimming pools.

“Not all water disinfection technologies are equal with some putting community safety at risk while wasting millions of litres of water each year.

“The environmental, social and economic impacts of water wastage are significant and we can all play a part by demanding that councils, schools and pool operators do better,” Elena said.

“My company’s water disinfection technology has been proven to save up to 1.6million litres of water a year in just one 50 metre pool and is the simpler, safer and smarter way to disinfect water.

“We all should use our voices to advocate for positive change and this is another way that Mums and others in our community can help to keep their children safe and contribute to a more sustainable environment.”


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