Why more women need to lead in business

Brisbane CEO chosen to lead panel at International Women Future Conference 2020

Award-winning Brisbane businesswoman, Elena Gosse, is unequivocal in her assessment of what is needed for successful leadership in business today – more women because they make better leaders.

Ms Gosse, the CEO of AIS Water, will moderate a panel session at the International virtual Annual Women|Future Conference (12 & 13 November 2020) focusing on The Power of Female Leadership. The two-day conference presented by the Stevie Awards encourages engaging connections, professional and personal development, and health and financial wellness through motivational keynotes, educational sessions, and networking.

Elena will discuss her belief that women’s high emotional intelligence makes them more effective leaders in today’s business world and will lead her fellow panellists including Simone Morris, CEO, Simone Morris Enterprises LLC; Charanya Kannan, Lead, Global Insights Strategy, PayPal; Sarah Sagredo-Hammond, President, Atlas Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Plumbing Services Inc and Karen Parisi: Senior Vice President, Marketing, CentralReach in the discussion.

“As a panel we will be sharing our stories of succeeding in so called male-dominated industries and how the days of ‘command and control-based’ leadership are dead, Ms Gosse said.

“While confidence, communication and powerful negotiation skills are essential for leadership, we now understand that personal growth and emotional intelligence are important and attributes such as authenticity, intuition, empathy and vulnerability.

“A recent global business study showed that eight in every 10 people think you need both masculine and feminine traits to thrive in today’s world while another study showed that two-thirds of people believe the world would be a better place if men thought more like women.

“This shows that what people are looking for in their leaders today is changing.”

Ms Gosse said it was essential women in business share their stories of success – and learnings from failing – to encourage each other to strive towards their own success.

“As women we must support each other.  The Tall Poppy Syndrome is rampant when it comes to successful women.  We need to learn how to stand tall without constantly apologizing or being defensive about our success, authenticity and power.”

This also means encouraging women to remain true to themselves and not adopt male qualities of leadership simply because they feel this is the path towards advancing their careers and businesses.

“We need to encourage more female decision-making roles in business and politics,” Ms Gosse continued. “I believe that the intrinsic nature of being a woman is our greatest asset.

The third Annual Women|Future Conference was to be held in Las Vegas but is now a two-day virtual conference.

“The mission of the Women Future Conference is to help women share insights about the changes that will impact their businesses, their industries, their careers, and their lives,” organisers explain. “Speakers and topics address the latest innovations and impending change in areas such as technology, sustainability, career planning, social media, government regulation, access to capital, and more.”

Ms Gosse has been invited as a speaker at the conference having shown exceptional leadership at AIS Water. The company has won awards the world over for its chlorine generation and water disinfection technology used across 55 countries and in competition swimming pools, water theme parks, aquatic centres, swim schools, resorts and hotels and residential pools.

See the website for more information on the Annual Women|Future Conference including Elena’s session in the conference program on Thursday 12 November at 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm (Friday 13 November6.45am till 8am Queensland Australia time)

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