How do I maintain my AIS chlorinator and how long will it last?

Although AIS’ range of residential chlorinators automatically disinfect your pool or spa water, some regular maintenance is recommended in order to ensure ultimate efficiency.

Please refer to your product specification sheets for maintenance tips and recommendations but as a general rule, follow these handy hints:

  • Visual inspection: Every few days check your chlorine generator to ensure it is operating,
  • Regular water chemistry testing:  Monitor your water chemistry at least once a week to ensure a sparkling clear, clean pool and the opportunity to instigate immediate action in case of any issues. Remember to check your pool water as soon as practicable after heavy rain.
  • Regular cleaning of chlorinator cell electrodes:  Depending on the water composition of your pool or spa water it’s important to clean the calcium build up from your chlorinator.  Your water chemistry will determine the level of calcium build up and cleaning frequency.  To clean your electrodes rinse the cell in a combination of HCL (pool acid available at your pool shop) and water.  Ensure safety instructions are followed including always adding water first, then the acid.  For detailed instructions please consult the relevant AIS product manual (insert hyperlink to manual here)
  • Please refer to your product manual to see the expected lifespan of your AIS Chlorinator and chlorinator cell electrodes. Rest assured that all AIS chlorinators are covered by a warranty program.
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